Joanna Rajchert

Joanna Rajchert is an associate professor at Institute of Psychology, Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. Her research centers around interpersonal exclusion (rejection or ostracism) and its effects on cognition (e.g. emotion recognition on the face of the excluder), emotions and behavior, especially aggressive behavior. She is interested in individual and situational factors that limit the detrimental effects of being socially left out such as the relationship properties, understanding others' motives and negative affect control. Dr. Rajchert is also engaged in studying the propensity to react strongly to frustration or provocation based on CNS strength (BIS/BAS) or prefrontal cortical regions activation with tDCS. Part of her work is also dedicated to physiological responses to social exclusion. During our conference, Dr. Rajchert will give a talk entitled "Hostility bias or sadness bias in excluded individuals: Does anodal transcranial direct current stimulation of right VLPFC vs left DLPFC have a mitigating effect?"