Agnieszka Pluta

Dr Agnieszka Pluta is a psychologist working at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw and the Bioimaging Research Center of the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing. Her research interests are primarily focused on social neuroscience, clinical neuropsychology, and the use of modern biomedical imaging techniques (mainly functional magnetic resonance imaging and functional near-infrared spectroscopy) to study neural correlates of social perception. In particular, she is interested in why most people form representations of other people's unobservable mental states (their emotions, desires, and beliefs) with great ease, and why some people (e.g., people on the autism spectrum) have trouble doing so. She eagerly shares her passion for research by teaching psychology and cognitive science students. Dr. Pluta is a scholarship grantee of the Foundation for Polish Science and the Fulbright Commission (Junior Research Grant in 2009/2010, Senior Award 2022/23). She leads scientific projects financed, among others, by National Science Center. She is also a co-author of several scientific publications in national and international journals and dozens of conference presentations in Poland and abroad. During our conference, Dr Pluta will give a talk entitled "Does Hate Speech Deteriorate Empathy? The Effects of Exposure to Derogatory Language on Neuro-cognitive Correlates of Ability to Attribute Mental States"