The issue of how the social world affects our psychological and associated physiological processes has been at the center of social neuroscientific investigation for over three decades. The association between loneliness, social isolation or social status, and mental and physical health outcomes, has been thoroughly documented. Yet, there is little integration of data across psychology, psychophysiology and neuroscience that would enable us to propose trajectories linking multiple levels of explanation to elucidate mechanisms linking social world and physical health.

The conference will take place in the restored 18th century Palace near Warsaw – we plan to have a limited number of in-person attendees (no more than 150 people) that would allow us to keep the conference in a more seminar-like form, and provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussion on issues like loneliness, social inequality, and social stressors.

The opening lecture will be given by Sir Professor Michael Marmot, a world-leading expert on social determinants of health. Keynote lectures will focus on psychological (Julianne Holt-Lunstad), physiological (Julian Thayer) and neural markers of social processes. In order to support early-career researchers, the keynote lectures and presentations of research projects on cognitive and physiological correlates of loneliness, done in the Institute of Psychology, PAS, will be accompanied by poster and flash-talk sessions dedicated to ECRs.

We invite submissions and participation from all researchers interested in how the social world impacts the psychological and physiological processes.